RITA: Remote Intelligent Telemedicine Assistant

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Robo RITA Telehealth Device Allows Patients to Speak to a Licensed Healthcare Professional 24 /7

Peace of mind while you are on the road, or anytime you need to speak to a healthcare professional. Introducing the Robo RITA (Remote Intelligent Telemedicine Assistant) telemedicine device that allows you to speak with a Healthcare Professional anytime, anywhere!

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Our cutting-edge AI technology allows for virtual consultations with licensed medical professionals, providing you with convenient and reliable healthcare options.

With RITA, you can easily connect with a licensed, qualified Healthcare Professional to:

Discuss your medical concerns and get immediate feedback

Get your prescriptions refilled while you’re on the road

Receive personalized treatment plans

Say goodbye to long wait times and inconvenient appointments

With RITA, you can easily connect with a licensed, qualified Healthcare Professional.

RITA Orders Are in High Demand!

You can become a licensee of a RITA device and share in the Revenue. We build it, find you the location, maintain it, and provide the network of healthcare professionals. Order yours today and take part in the healthcare solutions of tomorrow!


RITA works through a secure online platform that connects patients with licensed medical professionals. Patients log into the platform and schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in your specific medical needs.


During the virtual consultation, patients share information about their symptoms and medical history with the Healthcare Professional, who will then diagnose the condition and provide the patient with a personalized treatment plan.


RITA is designed to provide patients with easy and convenient access to quality healthcare without long wait times and inconvenient appointments.


We take the security and privacy of patient information very seriously. RITA utilizes advanced encryption technology to ensure that all communication between patients and doctors is secure and confidential.



1 Unit

3 Units

6 Units

10 Units

Regular Retail

$18,900 ea

$18,552 ea

$18,151 ea

$17,788 ea

Target Markets for RITA Placements:

• Truck Stops

• Convenience Stores

• Resorts & Hotels

• Fitness Centers

• College Campuses

• Corporate Campuses

• Schools

• Government Buildings

• Medical Practices

• High Traffic Areas

Secure & Convenient

We also comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to healthcare data privacy and security, including HIPAA.

Our platform is regularly audited and monitored by third-party security experts to ensure that we are maintaining the highest standards for protecting patient information. Patients can trust that personal and medical information is safe with us.

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